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In 1919, Pentax pioneered the field of SLR camera lenses with high-quality and innovative products. Today, Pentax provides a range of spectacle lens options and from March 2022 brings a wide range of stock single vision products to the UK market.

Renowned for its design and manufacturing of ophthalmic lenses, Pentax has quickly become the trusted brand for prescription eyewear. Grow your business with Pentax optical lenses and create a world with perfect vision.

Lens overview

Stock lenses to suit your needs

The Pentax single vision stock range includes clear, Sensity and pre-tinted lenses in a range of indices and coatings. They can also be ordered as either uncut or remote edged.

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Benefits for you

Why order from Pentax?

  • Simplicity of pricing
    • With one price across the prescription range for each lens option.
  • Stong brand awareness
    • High consumer recognition with a assumption of quality due to brand reputation.
  • Customer Service
    • Regular communication regarding order progress and visibility of stock at time of order.
  • Ease of ordering
    • One system for both RX and stock products.
  • Simplicity of invoicing

Overview of coating and treatments

Hard Coat

This coating protects lenses from scratching and everyday wear and tear.

AquaGuard (HMC)

Pentax AquaGuard is an anti-reflective coating that provides scratch-resistance and is water repellent.

Innocare (HMC+)

Pentax Innocare offers ultra-low reflective glare, providing enhanced visual comfort that makes wearing Pentax lenses feel even more natural.

Innocare Blue (HMC+ Blue)

Pentax Innocare Blue reduces blue light emitted from digital devices. By reflecting it away from the eye, this coating reduces eyestrain and visual fatigue after prolonged use of digital devices.


Designed for an on-the-go, urban lifestyle. Pentax Sensity reacts to the UV, darkening the colour of the lens to a category 3 sun lens. Seamlessly adjusting by returning to a clear lens to allow easy movement between indoor and outdoor environments.

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